The break in U.S. market activity over the Easter holiday is a nice time for traders to relax for a little bit and put some time in thinking about their overall strategy when it comes to growing their money. This may seem like a pause in the action for many, but if you can use this time to craft a better overall trading plan, then the few days of inactivity can actually be far more profitable for you than to keep moving along at your average pace. Think of it this way: if you take a break for three days, yet can boost your correct trade rate by 1 percent during this time, yes, you are at an immediate loss in income, but over the span of a few months, you have now made several thousand extra dollars. You can now use that money to grow your money even quicker.

Binary options traders can also benefit from this time of reflection, even if it does not necessarily need to apply to them. While markets were closed on Friday, March 25th, in the U.S., they were not closed everywhere. For those with access to international markets, such as what binary options traders have, there can be a big temptation to not take a break and to keep trading, and for some people, this is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. However, many people will benefit more from looking at the news and finding more beneficial trading opportunities when the U.S. market reopens on Monday. For example, watching a particular major stock, such as Apple, could reveal a lot of information on what the stock price will do. Apple’s new iPad has opened up for presale, going deeper into this example, and if these are especially strong, there’s a very good chance that Apple’s price will go up significantly on Monday. If presales are disappointing, stock prices are most likely to decline. Apple is an easy example to point to just because they are such a prominent company right now and have had their name in the news a lot, but this concept can be applied to any company in the U.S.

Even if you do not wish to use this information to trade binaries, you can still gain an edge in your trading. Because most binary brokers do not accept stock trades during the first 30 minutes of the trading day, there are many opportunities lost to binary traders immediately automatically. If you have a large enough trading account to allow for effectively day trading stocks, just going directly to the stock market for your trades is another great choice. The asset is not going to act differently just because you are looking at a different type of trading, so observing the asset over the break and watching the news is going to have the same impact upon your trading.

Whatever you do over your weekend, make sure that you use your time productively. Holiday weekends will give you extra time to prepare your upcoming trading strategy, but really, you can use every weekend as a chance to observe the news and international marketplaces and begin to anticipate what the tone of the markets will be on Monday morning. Taking advantage of this is a huge way to jump start your money making ability, and even if you do want to make trades over this time (there’s nothing wrong with this!), do be sure that you are finding ways to improve yourself at the same time as the pace of things is likely to slow down in some manner, leaving plenty of opportunities for this.

What to Do Over the Holiday
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