Binary options trading is quite basic and this amazing financial investment instrument provides a large amount of versatility and potential to rapidly generate gains. Even so, you really need to make use of various investment strategies to be able to optimize profits and reduce losses. Among the helpful strategies that traders extensively utilize is the Straddle strategy.

The Straddle is Growing in Demand
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The Straddle strategy consists of purchasing or selling a specific option. Straddle basically just means placing yourself on both sides of an investment. Consequently, you must place yourself on either side of a binary options trade to ensure that you can profit from one of two possible outcomes. The amount of risk included and the monetary profit that you can accumulate whenever you utilize the Straddle strategy is going to be based upon the form of straddle you actually choose to implement.

There are two distinct forms of Straddles: long and short. Each has its positive aspects and drawbacks and is utilized whenever particular marketplace conditions dominate. While the buying of a Call option and a Put option with the exact same strike price of an underlying asset, as well as expiry date is known as the long straddle, selling a Call option and a Put option with the exact same strike price of an underlying asset, along with expiry date is referred to as a short straddle.

Attributes of the Long Straddle

  • If the underlying asset price shifts in a specific direction, moving up, down, or side to side, then you could use purchase Put or Call contract according to which selection is going to offer more gains.
  • Generally, you should utilize a Put option whenever you observe an increase in asset price, and a Call option whenever you view a decrease in its value. This places you on both sides of the binary options trade and allows you to profit from one of the two final results.
  • The primary benefit of the long straddle binary options strategy is that the level risk is quite low due to the fact that you will obtain benefits regardless of the direction of asset price movement.
  • The long straddle makes it possible for you to acquire a large amount of profit when you apply it sensibly. However, the downside of the long straddle binary options strategy would be that it may be used successfully only when the market is volatile. This strategy might not provide much gain throughout other marketplace conditions.


Example Of the Long Straddle

Envision that the company X is about to publicize its quarterly revenue final results. You could be monitoring the movement of this underlying asset and also be keeping track of all reports associated with company X. On the foundation of your research, you think that the revenue announcement is going to trigger a considerable price change in their stock. Even so, you aren’t certain as to which direction the asset price is going to move.

In this type of scenario, you can utilize the long straddle so as to generate a profit regardless of which direction the stock price actually moves. One of the two binary options trades is going to finish in the money by the expiry conclusion and supply you with adequate profits to take care of the loss suffered when the other trade finished out of the money. On the other hand, you will lose the money put into both options should the value of the asset not move adequately by the expiry time.

Attributes of the Short Straddle

  • You can make use of the short straddle whenever you are selling off an underlying asset. You sell off an asset making use of both Put and Call binary options at the exact same strike price and expiry.
  • You are going to earn money whenever the asset price doesn’t vary too much from the actual strike price.
  • The short straddle binary options strategy is also known as a non-directional technique. This is due to the fact that the value of the asset needs to either continue to be stable or differ very little to ensure that this strategy may be successfully applied, as opposed to the long straddle which delivers earnings whenever there is a large variation in the value of the asset.
  • The earnings paid out are going to be on the foundation of the price paid for the binary options contract(s). On the flip side, the loss is determined on the foundation of how much the value of the underlying asset varies.
  • You can implement the short straddle to produce earnings whenever there is no significant movement within the marketplace, or whenever ranging movement is taking place. Such circumstances are noted whenever the market is waiting for the discharge of financial and political reports or revenue and analysis based press releases. Under such conditions, the rates of assets commonly continue to be steady and you can engage in the short straddle.
  • The disadvantage of the short straddle would be that you may sustain large losses if the marketplace begins shifting or turns volatile. The selling of the Call and Put exposes you to unrestricted loss for the Call, or loss which is the same as the strike price for the Put. However, the earnings are constrained to the premium acquired.


You might think that it is somewhat difficult to comprehend the use of binary options Straddle strategies. Nevertheless, they are being applied efficiently by many traders as they offer a way to increase earnings. You should practice using both strategies to be able to grasp them. As is the situation with any technique which is applied to binary options trading, you need to test out the method in advance of using it in an actual investment situation. This will help with building the necessary skills and self-confidence.